Society for Hydraulics

Hydraulics are based on Pascal’s Law; the law states that the pressure is distributed equally in confined liquids. The hydraulic systems are extremely versatile. The systems can be used in trucks, vehicles, tractors, high power lightweight motors, elevators and parts of an aircraft which controls motion. 

Types of Hydraulics

Hydraulic machines basically use oil under pressure as the prime source of energy. Types of hydraulic machines include; bobcats, backhoes, dump trucks, certain jackhammers and cranes, hose crimpers and plastic and aluminum extruders. The machines basically perform a wide variety of jobs/tasks like injection molding, metal stamping and hose crimping. Examples of some products made by the machines include; aluminum baseball bats, metal plant hangers, moldings, metal shepherd’s hooks for the garden, metal tubing, and components in some industrial sprinkler systems.

Hydraulic press machines, if outfitted with dye, can stamp many kinds of shapes from metals, including the car fenders, car bumpers and doors. Hydraulic bending machines can bend almost any type of metal, like tubing into different shapes, like a fence, an automobile exhaust system and brake line tubing. Hydraulic hose machines can extrude many types of hoses, including rubber and plastic. A crimper can crimp various metal fittings for numerous kinds of hoses, in different threads and sizes. They're used for power-steering hoses, brake line-hoses and air conditioning hoses in automotive industry.

Where Hydraulics are Most Commonly Found

Industry, manufacturing, and entertainment venues usually make use of hydraulic machinery. The machines, like the spinning motors and power units which drive them, may be found in many amusement parks, giving motion to various attractions such as the Ferris wheel. There are some theatrical stages which are hydraulically powered so as to enable the stage to rise higher, and then bring them back into place. Certain elevators use hydraulic power so as to lift and lower the passengers. Certain bucket trucks, at times referred to as cherry pickers, are hydraulic, and so are forklifts. Tree trimmers also use various types of hydraulic machines when doing their jobs/work, including stump grinders and chippers.

Hydraulic machines are now also an integral part of travel. Some parts of cars are powered by hydraulics, including the power steering, brake lines, shock absorbers and automatic transmission. Snowplows which keep the roads clear from snow also use them, letting the snowplows move up and down and side-to-side.

Some aircraft also use hydraulic systems, as do some industrial pizza ovens. Certain industrial bakeries usually use the systems when moving baked goods on the conveyor belts, lifting and also flipping the products. There are some barber chairs that are powered by a hydraulic lift mechanism so that the hair stylist may lower or raise the chair so as to adjust a customer’s height as they work.

Hydraulicsare commonly used in numerous machines we see and use in our everyday lives. Some of the uses include:

·         Heavy equipment such as log splitters. You may find some of the simplest systems in log splitters as they consist of most of the components of basic hydraulics systems like the pump, engines, cylinder, valves and pistons.

·         Some heavy duty machines use hydraulics systems that are usually seen on construction sites and various other excavation sites. Large machines like the excavators might weigh anything up to 30 tons, but have the capacity to move around quite easily and carry earth or rocks that can weigh up to 2 tonnes without any trouble. Excavators have motors for each track and motors for swinging the huge arm which run on a system of hydraulics. 

·         Some other construction machinery which make use of the hydraulics system can include; loading machines, also called skids. These machines make use of three pairs of the hydraulics pistons & also motors on each of the 4 wheels. Other machinery that uses hydraulics is the garbage truck. The garbage truck makes use of all hydraulic components. 

·         Hydraulics are also commonly found in mechanical wheelchairs, which help propel the wheelchair forward.